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Internet Sex CrimesThe past two decades have seen huge, sweeping changes in what types of information is easily accessible through the Internet. In the same vein, computer-based crimes have literally skyrocketed, leading to our lawmakers scrambling to keep up through the passage of one new law after another. The state of Michigan passed Michigan’s Identity Theft Protection Act of 2004 as well as various Internet child protection laws, and conviction of any number of computer charges could find you serving jail or prison time and facing severe fines and significant damages to your standing in the community and your overall reputation. Prosecution of computer crimes is becoming increasingly aggressive, therefore if you have been charged with an Internet crime, you must contact a Michigan criminal defense attorney who is an expert in computer crimes as soon as possible.

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If You’ve Been Charged With an Internet Crime

If you are currently being investigated for a computer crime, or have already been arrested, it is absolutely imperative you contact a reputable, experienced attorney immediately. The attorneys at Satawa Law, PLLC are well aware of the embarrassment and stigma which are attached to computer crimes, especially those of a sexual nature. Remember that it is absolutely not in your best interest to offer any information regarding your computer or the data on it to the police, and, in fact, you should not even admit that it is your computer until you have consulted with an attorney who can speak for you to law enforcement personnel.

General Information

Most Common Internet Crimes

Identity theft, child pornography and solicitation of a minor are the three most commonly charged Internet and computer crimes. Identity theft occurs when someone intentionally uses another person’s personal information without their consent with the intent of benefitting financially or professionally. Property, credit lines and employment opportunities are only a few of the things which can be taken through identity theft, and prosecution for this crime tends to be extremely vigorous.

Possession of child pornography, which includes any depiction of a minor engaging in sexual behavior is a serious crime in Michigan and under federal law as well. The penalty for this type of crime can be as severe as up to 20 years in prison and a $100,000 fine. Federal law enforcement agencies often get involved in child pornography investigations, and Federal penalties are typically much more severe than state. Solicitation of a minor occurs when an adult contacts a minor under the age of 18 with the intent of having sexual activity with that minor. Internet sting operations are being carried out on a regular basis, both by local law enforcement and federal agencies. Michigan law carries a mandatory two-year minimum sentence for solicitation of a minor, and the defendant can be convicted even if no sexual activity took place.
Internet Sex Crimes

Why Satawa Law, PLLC?

The attorneys of Satawa Law, PLLC are fully cognizant of just how technologically complex Internet crimes truly are. It is essential that your criminal defense team have the experience and knowledge necessary to analyze the electronic data found on your computer and present a comprehensive defense, and our attorneys have those skills in abundance. We have dealt with many such cases and are well-versed in entrapment defenses, or the fact that others may have access to your computer through shared files or a virus. We know how to use the murky waters of computer data to your advantage, and will mount an aggressive defense on your behalf. Call Satawa Law, PLLC immediately for a consultation on your particular cases.

Speak With Us & Request A Confidential Consultation

If you have been arrested or accused of an internet crime, our team of Southfield defense lawyers are ready to help defend your rights and protect your future. We understand the life-changing nature of these types of allegations. We never judge or assume; rather, we immediately start to try and determine the best way to win that case. We do that while providing our clients with the empathetic and compassionate guidance they need to get through this difficult time.

We have won the majority of the many cases we have defended at trial, and can use our extensive experience and expertise to help you as well. Do not wait for the police or prosecutors to make the first move. Speak with our Southfield defense team now, and allow us to put our knowledge, skill, and expertise to good use.

The Best Defense Strategy Is An Aggressive Offense

Simply put, we are not afraid to take on prosecutors. We know that a relentless, effective, and well-thought out defense strategy will be critical to the success of a case. Because we always prepare every case extensively from the very beginning of our representation, we can offer persuasive rebuttals to any allegations brought by the Prosecution. We developed a multi-disciplinary approach, using a team of professionals to investigate and prepare our defense – experts, psychologists, lawyers, trial consultants, investigators, and jury consultants to prepare our client and our case for trial. We employ mock trials, practice direct and cross examinations, focus groups, client reenactments, and interview every possible witness to leave no trial stone unturned, and put the case in the best position to be won. When falsely accused of a crime, we demand that our clients to be treated fairly and equally by the justice system. We defend their rights, and protect their future.

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