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Child Molestation / Child Sex Crimes

Southfield Sex Crime Allegations Defense Attorney

Even if there is no physical evidence in charges of child molestation or child sex crimes, prosecutors in Michigan will pursue such cases, and jurors also seem to require much less proof to convict a person of a child sex crime. Because of the specific nature child sex crimes, others are much more likely to take such allegations for the gospel truth with little or no proof or evidence. Even those who have been falsely accused, can find themselves becoming a pariah in their own community. A conviction of a child sex crime can carry a lengthy prison sentence, not to mention a possible lifetime mandate to register as a sex offender. Your employment can be compromised, and you could lose everything you’ve worked for in your life, including your family. Because the cards are severely stacked against you in a child molestation charge, it’s especially important that you have the very best legal defense.

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Child Molestation Charges are Legally Complex

Allegations of child sex crimes can be difficult and complicated to defend. Even though the state of Michigan has ostensibly developed special protocols for questioning children who have made such allegations, the truth is that these protocols go by the wayside in many cases. Allegations of child molestations leads to extensive investigation by any number of professionals, and their judgment may be clouded by the nature of the accusations. As the accused you will likely be completely stigmatized, even if the charges are later proven to be false, and it is well known that the testimony of children is much more easily manipulated.

Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent

Just as your Miranda warning states, you have the right to remain silent, and anything you say will not only be used against you, it will likely be taken out of context and exaggerated before it is used against you. One of the biggest mistakes most people make is speaking with police officers or CPS workers without benefit of having a lawyer present. Law enforcement personnel are allowed to lie to you and will often promise to make the charges disappear if only you will confess. Don’t believe it! Be polite, but refuse to speak until your lawyer arrives. The Miranda warning is in place for a reason—to prevent statements you make from being turned against you, resulting in a conviction.

Child Molestation / Child Sex Crimes

What You Need in a Defense Attorney

The attorneys at Satawa Law, PLLC have the extensive and specialized training, understanding and skills required to successfully defend you against child sex crime allegations. They are well-versed in the necessary pre-trial research which can sometimes lead to an acquittal in child molestation cases, and have an far-reaching network of medical and psychological experts to provide you with the most aggressive, winning team possible. Our attorneys are fierce on your behalf and have defended many, many child sex crime cases which ended positively. We will vigorously challenge the alleged evidence against you, ensuring you receive the full protection of your rights.

We will defend your rights, and protect your future.

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If you have been arrested or accused of sexual assault, our team of sex crime lawyers are ready to help defend your rights and protect your future. We understand the life-changing nature of these types of allegations. We never judge or assume; rather, we immediately start to try and determine the best way to win that case. We do that while providing our clients with the empathetic and compassionate guidance they need to get through this difficult time.

We have won the majority of the many cases we have defended at trial, and can use our extensive experience and experience to help you as well. Do not wait for the police or prosecutors to make the first move. Speak with our Southfield defense team now, and allow us to put our knowledge, skill, and expertise to good use.

The Best Defense Strategy Is An Aggressive Offense

Simply put, we are not afraid to take on prosecutors. We know that a relentless, effective, and well-thought out defense strategy will be critical to the success of a case. Because we always prepare every case extensively from the very beginning of our representation, we can offer persuasive rebuttals to any allegations brought by the Prosecution. We developed a multi-disciplinary approach, using a team of professionals to investigate and prepare our defense – experts, psychologists, lawyers, trial consultants, investigators, and jury consultants to prepare our client and our case for trial. We employ mock trials, practice direct and cross-examinations, focus groups, client reenactments, and interview every possible witness to leave no trial stone unturned, and put the case in the best position to be won. When falsely accused of a crime, we demand that our clients to be treated fairly and equally by the justice system. We defend their rights, and protect their future.

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