Satawa Law, PLLC. recently has won another Title IX hearing, as the office for title 9 and institutional equity at University in Western Michigan “unanimously determined that the preponderance of evidence does not support a finding that the responded engaged in sexual assault or sexual harassment.”Read More

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“Mark is a phenomenal trial attorney.”Jan G., Criminal Defense Attorney

“I am an appellate lawyer. I work with Mark on many of his appeals. He is passionate, organize, committed, and has an excellent command of facts, and stays on top of legal developments. I’ve also read several of his transcripts. At the trial level, he is very thorough. I would rather have a root canal than be in the witness box being cross examined by him.”Stuart F., Criminal Defense Attorney

“Very sharp attorney.”Christian L., Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Mark Satawa is an excellent experienced criminal defense trial attorney who specializes in representing clients accused of felony and misdemeanor offenses in State and Federal courts. If you, or someone you know, needs aggressive, dedicated and expert criminal defense attorneys in Michigan do not hesitate to contact Mr. Satawa and his law firm.”Richard W., Criminal Defense Attorney

“Mark is a tireless fighter who has earned a stellar reputation over the years, building that reputation one case at a time. I have known him for many years, and he is easily one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Michigan.”William M., Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. I have known Mark for 6 years and he is one of the leaders in the field of criminal defense in Michigan. He worked with me at the criminal defense attorneys of Michigan trial practice college to help me develop valuable trial skills and techniques. You will be in good hands if you hire Mark for your criminal defense.”Mitchell F., Criminal Defense Attorney

“Mark is an incredible lawyer. We worked together on a particular homicide case and I have never seen a more dedicated hard-working lawyer. He will stop at nothing to try to gain an advantage for his client while always acting ethically and respectfully. If He takes your case it will be for one reason — he wants to win! Because of this attitude and dedication, Mark has earned a reputation as one of Michigan’s top trial lawyers. I highly recommend him.”Patrick B., Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer’s work.”Lawrence S., Criminal Defense Attorney

“I have never known another attorney who is as knowledgeable about the law as Stuart. His expertise and ability to think outside the box has provided his clients with excellent representation and many successful outcomes. If you need an appeal or immigration attorney, he is the attorney to hire! I endorse this lawyer.”Sara T., Appeals Attorney

“Look no further for a top-notch criminal appeals attorney – Stuart Friedman is tough, thorough, and ethical. In twenty years of appellate practice, I have yet to meet any other criminal appellate attorney who can match his skills and knowledge. He is regarded as one of the pre-eminent criminal appellate specialists in Michigan state and federal courts and rightfully so.”Laurie L., Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse Attorney Stuart Friedman in many areas of practice. I have first hand knowledge of Stuart’s dedication to continuing legal education for himself and for the benefit of all criminal defense attorneys in Michigan through his affiliation with me in the organization of the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan. I have also consulted with Stuart on cases and can state with confidence that Stuart is extremely knowledgable in many areas of the law, most particularly criminal defense, and is well versed in all Michigan Courts including the Court of Appeals. Stuart brings amazing amount of knowledge and natural ability to your case and most important, a commitment to justice.”Rhonda I., Appeals Attorney

“I have worked with Stuart on several cases. Most recently, we worked on two (2) high profile medical marijuana cases. His contributions to the case resulted in the first victory for a marijuana dispensary in Michigan and upholding a recusal of a judge who is anti-medical marijuana from a medical marijuana case. I endorse this lawyer.”Neil R., Appeals Attorney

“Stuart G. Friedman is well known for his outstanding work in criminal appeals and habeas corpus matters, and he knows a few other things too. Other lawyers often seek advice from him.”James L., Appeals Attorney

“Stuart is one of the smartest lawyers I know. When a client needs help with an appeal or there is a complicated legal issue in a case, I turn to Stuart. His brain is an encyclopedia of law and his written briefs are amazing. I highly endorse Stuart.”Cheryl C., Criminal Defense Attorney