Dec 2016

Parents Can Face Charges for Refusing to Vaccinate Their Children

The question of whether or not to vaccinate one’s child is one of the most controversial topics in recent news. Many parents across the country are changing how they view vaccinations, seeing them as being more harmful than helpful. Groups of anti-vaccination or “anti-vax” groups have chosen not to vaccinate their child. Vaccines are powerful; […]

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Dec 2016

U of Michigan Law School Receives $250k Grant for Shaken Baby Cases

The University of Michigan’s law school is set to receive approximately $250,000 in federal grant money to implement a team that will look further into several shaken baby syndrome cases (“SBS”), which are increasingly be referred to by a new title – Abusive Head Trauma cases. The Innocence Clinic at the law school investigates convictions […]

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Nov 2016

Does Michigan’s Sex Offender Registration Violate Ex Post Facto Laws?

A federal appeals court has ruled to strike down some of the restrictions of Michigan’s sex offender laws. Accordingly, those convicted of a sex crime and are required to register as a sex offender may be entitled to relief. The courts reversed years of precedent and held that sex offender registration is a form of […]

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Oct 2016

Satawa Law, PLLC Successfully Appeals Client Charged with First and Second-Degree Sexual Conduct

Satawa Law, PLLC recently prevailed on a writ of habeus corpus based on ineffective assistance of counsel filed on behalf of a client in Spaulding v. Larson. The client had been convicted at trial of second-degree criminal sexual conduct and and first-degree criminal sexual conduct. He was sentenced to conncurrent terms of 3 to 15 […]

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Jul 2016

Lifetime Monitoring for All CSC 1 Defendants?

A recent decision by the Michigan Court of Appeals highlights the maddening inconsistency of judges when it comes to devising new punishments for those convicted of criminal sexual assault. The Court managed to follow the legislature and past precedent with respect to one part of a defendant’s sentence, while actively re-writing the law on another […]

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Sep 2015

Shaken Baby Syndrome: A Diagnosis That Divides the Medical World

Shaken baby syndrome has been a recognized diagnosis for several decades, though many medical professionals now prefer the term abusive head trauma. It is defined by a constellation of symptoms known as the triad: brain swelling, bleeding on the surface of the brain and bleeding behind the eyes. For years, those three symptoms by themselves […]

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Mar 2013

Identifying Experts In Infant Traumatic Brain Injury And Shaken Baby Syndrome Case

One of my most rewarding facets of my practice is when I am brought into cases by another lawyer to consult, co-counsel, or just brainstorm on infant traumatic brain injury/SBS cases in Michigan and other states. The most common first question is – what expert(s) do I need to hire on my case? While this […]

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Jan 2013

Michigan Goes Backwards On SORA Reform

In terms of Michigan’s Sex Offender Registry, the axiom of the State giveth, and the state then taketh away seems to apply. After years of fighting for sane and reasonable reform in Michigan’s Sex Offender Registry, the State finally passed new legislation in July 2011 that reformed many parts of Michigan’s Sex Offender Registration Act, […]

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Jan 2013

New Drugged Driving Laws Will Help to Convict the Innocent

Oakland County Drunk Driving attorney Mark Satawa joined Mike Nichols and many other members of the Michigan Association of OWI Attorneys (MAOWIA) in criticizing new drugged driving laws, stating that “the Michigan legislature is going the wrong way on drugged driving,” and calls for a major repair before innocent people are incarcerated. Lt. Governor Brian […]

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Dec 2012

Kirsch & Satawa Named Michigan Boutique Firm of the Month in Detroit’s Attorney at Law Magazine

New Law Magazine Selects Firm as Representing the Best in Boutique Law Firms Mark A. Satawa and Lisa Kirsch Satawa were featured in Metro Detroit Attorney at Law Magazine (MDAAL), as that periodical named Kirsch & Satawa, PC of Southfield, Michigan as the Boutique Law Firm of the Month in its inaugural November 2012 issue. […]

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