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Federal Judge Dismisses Charges Against Hutaree In Michigan Militia Case

A Federal Judge dismissed the serious charges against seven members of the Michigan Militia Group known as the Hutaree yesterday in a 28-page opinion and order. The Defense team of Mark Satawa, Bill Swor, Jim Thomas, Art Weiss, Mike Rataj, Rick Helfrick, Todd Shanker, Henry Scharg, Mike Naughton, and Harry Mihas, had filed a series of Rule 29 Motions for Directed Motions on Friday, followed by a full day hearing on Monday. The Judge ruled that the defendant’s actions were protected by the 1st Amendment rights to free speech and assembly, and the Second Amendment rights to bear arms and form a militia. The Court further ruled that while the Defendants did engage in controversial speech, it never rose to the level of reaching a conspiratorial agreement, making a specific plan, or identifying a specific target. In other words, it was just talk.

The seven Defendants were charged with Seditious Conspiracy (opposing by force the lawful authority of the United States), Conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction, and using a firearm during the commission of those crimes. The Judges opinion and order dismisses all of these charges, leaving 2 Defendants charged with minor weapons charges. This is truly a win for all of us, for the Constitution, for the 1st and 2nd Amendment, and for the idea of liberty over the tyranny of the Government.

The Judge’s opinion is attached, and more information about this story can be found at:

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