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In Michigan, criminal sentencing or all felonies is controlled by sentencing guidelines. Those guidelines are imposed by statute, and are very inflexible. The sentence for any sex offence is calculated by taking the various facts surrounding the allegation and scoring them as various offense variables, cross indexing it with the persons criminal history, and arriving at a number range for the minimum of the persons sentence. The law gives the sentencing judge very little discretion to depart outside the range determined by the guidelines.

The law requires that a defendant cannot get probation on either first or third-degree criminal sexual conduct, and it is very difficult to get probation on a conviction of criminal sexual conduct, 2nd degree. In addition, any sexual penetration involving a child under age 13 in Michigan is subject to a 25-year mandatory minimum on which the judge has no discretion.

Potential penalties of other sex crime convictions include up to life in prison for first-degree criminal sexual conduct, and 15 years in prison for second and third-degree criminal sexual conduct. In almost all cases, due to the guidelines imposed, the sentence is going to be imprisonment rather than probation.

What Is The Most Important Long-Term Consequence Of A Sex Conviction?

The most important long-term consequence of a sex conviction is the requirement to register as a sex offender. This impacts everything a person does, including where they can live, what kind of employment they can obtain, and whether they can even visit in the vicinity of a school. In addition, the sex offender registration is searchable by the public using either the name of the offender, or a person can search by zip code a list of every registered sex offender in that area.

What Are Criminal Acts Under Michigan Sexting Laws?

When it comes to the topic of internet sexting, it is important for people to know that a 17-year-old person can be arrested for sending a nude picture of themselves to their boyfriend or girlfriend. The bottom line is that sending pictures depicting an underage (under 18 years of age) person who is nude or engaging in a sexual activity is illegal – regardless of the age of the other person involved, and even if both persons are minors. Read more

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