Satawa Law, PLLC. recently has won another Title IX hearing, as the office for title 9 and institutional equity at University in Western Michigan “unanimously determined that the preponderance of evidence does not support a finding that the responded engaged in sexual assault or sexual harassment.”Read More

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Sex Crimes In MichiganThe defendants and the victims of sexual assault come from all walks of life. There is such an element of “There but for the grace of God, go I” to everyone accused of this crime, as well as every victim of it. Anyone can find themselves in a situation which leads to being involved in a sexual assault or an allegation of one. Often the difference between a true report and a false allegation of sexual assault is a question of perspective. For example, a woman might claim that she got drunk at a bar and get taken advantage of by a man; however, the man may claim that he and the woman left the bar together and had consensual sex, only for the woman to end up with “buyer’s remorse” and claim that she never consented.

In the deep, dark recesses of our minds, we all understand that any one of us could become a victim of sexual assault or be accused of a sexual assault allegation. For that reason, we tend to over-vilify it. A person is better off being accused of killing someone than rubbing their 18-year-old niece’s vagina, and it is because we are all afraid of being accused of it someday.

The goal of this book is to provide guidance and assistance if you or a loved one is accused of doing the unfathomable and unimaginable; accused of sexual assault, child molestation, date rape, or child abuse. I talk about how these cases are different, why these cases are different, and the ways in which that affects the proper way to build an effective defense. I then go into great detail about my time-tested strategies for building that defense, discussing both legal and factual investigation and preparation to help ensure the case is presented in the strongest way, and the client is acquitted. Every case is different, and this book is not designed to be a one size fits all solution; but rather a general overview for individuals facing these accusations.

I sincerely hope that you find this book interesting, informative, and easy to understand. It is designed to answer your basic questions and help you decide on a course of action when the unthinkable happens to you. Hopefully, it helps you even a little bit navigate this difficult journey.

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