Satawa Law, PLLC. recently has won another Title IX hearing, as the office for title 9 and institutional equity at University in Western Michigan “unanimously determined that the preponderance of evidence does not support a finding that the responded engaged in sexual assault or sexual harassment.”Read More

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In sexual offense cases, the beyond a reasonable doubt burden absolutely cannot be relied upon, because the jury absolutely expects the defendant to establish and prove their innocence. The defendants in these cases begin with a presumption of guilt.

Presumption Of Guilt

Sexual assault cases are not matters that are defended based on legal arguments or legal technicalities, and they are not for the faint of hearted. They are won on the facts, by showing the judge and jury that your client did not do it. My entire trial preparation process is designed around the idea of breaking down and eliminating the presumption of guilt in these cases, piece by piece, until the only logical and reasonable solution is that the defendant is factually innocent. It is important to understand that in these cases, jurors decide with their heart; they decide with feeling and emotion, and then support and back fill their decision with logic.

“I just don’t think the person did it” is not based on logic, reason, or facts; it is based on how the juror feels about the victim’s story vs. the defendant’s story. For this reason, I focus on breaking down that wall of presumption of guilt until the only thing left standing is an innocent defendant.

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