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Overview of internet sex crimes in Michigan and defense strategies - Satawa Law, PLLC

In this article, you can discover:

  • The Key Differences Between Federal and State Internet Sex Crime Cases.
  • Various Types of Internet Sex Crimes, Including Child Pornography.
  • The Skill-Set Required for Defense in Internet Sex Crime Cases.

What Are The Key Distinctions Between Federal And State Cases Involving Internet Sex Crimes In Michigan?

Internet and electronic sex crimes encompass various categories, with the primary distinction being federal versus state cases. Another critical distinction lies in the nature of the offense – whether the case is a possession of child pornography (termed “child sexually abusive material” in Michigan), versus production, distribution, or on line solicitation cases (occurring when an individual attempts to engage minors in explicit activities when online).

What Are The Different Types Of Internet Sex Crimes?

Within cases involving the possession of child pornography or child sexually abusive material, there are further divisions. These include simple possession, production, and distribution of such materials. In essence, internet and electronic sex crimes encompass a diverse set of cases, with as many as a dozen different forms falling under this umbrella.

What Is Your Background Handling Internet Sex Crimes?

My journey into defending individuals charged with internet sex crimes began during my tenure as an assistant prosecuting attorney in Wayne County. This was when cell phones and the internet were relatively new phenomena. Over the past two decades, I have witnessed the exponential growth of technology, which has led to a corresponding increase in the knowledge we have at our finger tips.

Today, technology experts say that we gain more knowledge in a year than we did in the entire ten thousand years leading up to the year 2000. As technology advances, the law must evolve alongside it – but inevitably at a slower pace.

Law enforcement agencies like the FBI and Homeland Security play catch-up to adapt to new technological landscapes. The federal government allocates significant resources, including funding and personnel, to investigate and prosecute internet and computer sex crimes. Similar efforts exist at the state level in Michigan, with the Attorney General’s office having a dedicated division for these cases.

How Does Law Enforcement Address Internet And Electronic Sex Crimes?

Law enforcement agencies, both federal and state, are well-funded, well-trained, and highly motivated to combat these crimes due to the unique and dangerous risks they pose. The vulnerability of children in the digital age is a significant concern.

The prevalence of the internet and smartphones in our daily lives creates ample opportunities for exploitation. A child’s lack of maturity, brain development, and experience make them easy targets, especially when perpetrators can masquerade as minors online.

What Sets Internet Sex Crimes Apart From Other Offenses?

Internet sex crimes have unique characteristics that make them distinct. Technology, for instance, levels the playing field by allowing anonymity for all users. People can assume false identities easily, making it challenging to determine their true age, location, or identity behind the digital mask. This environment inherently fosters opportunities for exploitation and abuse.

How Has The Legal Landscape Evolved To Address Internet Sex Crimes?

Due to the seriousness of these crimes and their potential harm to children, law enforcement has adopted an aggressive stance. A concerted effort has taken momentum toward pursuing individuals suspected of using computers or the internet to exploit children with full legal force. The proactive approach has led to increased investigations and prosecutions in this domain.

What Expertise Does A Defense Attorney Need In An Internet Sex Crime Case?

A defense attorney handling internet sex crime cases must possess a diverse skill set. Beyond expertise in criminal law, they need to understand the nuances of computer science and technology. This includes knowing how computers and various internet platforms operate.

Additionally, a deep understanding of social media platforms, their policies, and their anonymity features is crucial. A defense attorney must adapt their strategies depending on the specifics of the case, whether it’s a state or federal matter, and the nature of the alleged offense.

What Is Your Experience Defending Individuals Charged With Internet Sex Crimes?

I have been involved in these cases since their emergence around the turn of the century in 2000. Initially, I prosecuted these cases as an assistant prosecutor, and transitioned into defending them when I became a criminal defense attorney. With over two decades of experience in this specialized field, I have developed significant expertise and knowledge in defending individuals charged with internet sex crimes.

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