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Key Takeaways:

  • When you get arrested for an OWI in Michigan, your license either gets destroyed or sent to the Secretary of State of Michigan, who will take action pending the results of the case.

After your Michigan OWI arrest, your license was sent to the Secretary of State, or it was destroyed. That is how the police department that arrested you informs the Secretary of State that you have an open drunk driving case.

Once the Secretary of State’s office gets your license, it knows that it has to be looking for a result of what’s called an Abstract from a District Court in terms of what happened to that drunk driving case.

That abstract is going to ultimately tell the Secretary of State one of three things:

  • The case was dismissed
  • You were found not guilty at trial; or,
  • You were convicted, either by pleading guilty or by going to trial and being convicted.

And if you do get convicted, that is how the Secretary of State automatically issues those driver’s license sanctions against you.

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