Satawa Law, PLLC. recently has won another Title IX hearing, as the office for title 9 and institutional equity at University in Western Michigan “unanimously determined that the preponderance of evidence does not support a finding that the responded engaged in sexual assault or sexual harassment.”Read More

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Nearly every school gives some limited ability to both sides to appeal an adverse Title IX determination. Sometimes that appeal goes to the same hearing officer or panel of hearing officers who heard the Title IX hearing, and sometimes it will go to the assistant dean of students. The grounds for appealing that determination are typically very limited. They usually prevent a student on either side, the claimant or the respondent, from challenging factual findings unless they result from bias or are arbitrarily made. The more common form of appeal is to challenge the Title IX determination that conduct either did or did not fall under the school’s definition of Title IX relationship violence and sexual misconduct policy.

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