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Child Sexual Assault Allegations


Fighting False Sex Crime Allegations in Michigan

Have you been wrongfully accused of a sex crime involving a child? Is a loved one currently facing serious charges due to a wrongful allegation? No matter what your current situation involves, our Michigan sex crime defense lawyers are prepared to utilize effective, persuasive, and meticulous defense strategies that can help clear your name, your reputation, and help you walk out of a courtroom with your life back, and your future restored.

How Can Satawa Law, PLLC Help Me?

We believe the only way to defeat a false allegation and prevent a miscarriage of justice is by fighting for our clients – by standing up for them and offering a powerful, unified voice behind their story. Let us help make certain you get a fair and just trial by telling your side of the story and presenting your case in a court of law before a jury of your own peers.

Led by Attorney Mark Satawa, Satawa Law, PLLC is a Oakland County, Michigan law firm that is specifically devoted to representing individuals who have been accused of child sex crimes. Attorney Satawa is one of Michigan’s most esteemed trial lawyers, having handled hundreds of felony jury trials. Our firm believes in providing each and every one of our clients with aggressive representation and unwavering sincerity. We are enthusiastically devoted to the practice of law, and pride ourselves on being devoted to our clients and offering a zealous representation for these serious offenses.


Our Firm’s Mission: Satawa Law, PLLC is committed to being the best sex crime defense law firm in the State of Michigan, and providing the very best representation to every client.

Possible Defense Strategies that Can Be Used in Your Case

We can all understand the sympathy that an allegation of child sexual assault elicits – a vulnerable child meekly claims that a trusted adult sexually molested them at school, at an extra-curricular activity, at a party or family gathering, or even in their home. However, these charges cannot ever be taken lightly, or can you afford to play it safe. Overreaching police and prosecutors aggressively go too far to prove even the most baseless story of a child being molested, which leads to hasty arrests and false charges after not fully listening to all sides of a story. Assumptions can cause prosecutors to push judges or juries to convict a person who is likely innocent, and penalize an individual in a way that does not match the alleged crime. Do not let this happen to you or your case.

The Best Defense Strategy Is an Aggressive Offense

Simply put, these cases are different. Child sexual assaults are their own, unique category of offense. They are not just different from other fields of practice, like divorce, bankruptcy, or personal injury. They are even different than other criminal cases. There is no other allegation that combines the vulnerability, emotion, psychology, and need for revenge in the same way as a child criminal sexual conduct charge. There is no other type of crime that is investigated and prosecuted as aggressively, or where the simple allegation alone carries such a strong of a presumption of guilt. Multiple studies, and the department of justice’s own statistics, all show that while this remains the most under reported crime in the United States, it is also the most over reported crime as well. In the age of #metoo and #neveragain, your friends, family, employer, co-workers, and eventually the jury do not need the charge proven beyond a reasonable doubt, they expect you to prove your innocence.

But there is good news, there is hope. These cases can be won, and false allegations can be exposed under the light of scrutiny. It takes a specialist, with the training, expertise, and experience in child sex crimes to properly take them on. There is no other case where your choice of lawyer, where the need for a true expert, is more pronounced.  

From the moment a client hires us we prepare every case extensively with an eye on presenting a defense at trial. We use a a team of professionals to investigate and prepare our defense – experts, psychologists, lawyers, trial consultants, investigators, and jury consultants all working together to discover the true story behind the case, and why this false allegation is being made. Is it made in a child custody fight, for revenge, a mistake, to seek attention, to get out of trouble, the result of some psychological issue, a false or implanted memory, or some other reason entirely? Our team works tirelessly until we answer that question, and discover the truth.  

Our approach utilizes several unique and critically focused techniques to help prepare the client and the case for trial. These include mock trials, practice direct and cross examinations, focus groups, client reenactments, and interviews with every possible witness to name just some of them. Let us help you defend your rights, and protect your future.

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