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Child abuse cases are very difficult to maneuver. They create extremely negative reactions from the public, and are aggressively investigated and prosecuted by law enforcement.

Unfortunately, there are countless cases where an individual is charged with child abuse unfairly or unjustly. Many times this comes about during a particularly acrimonious divorce or custody battle as a vindictive ploy by an ex-spouse to be awarded full custody of the children. In other cases a child may be angry with a parent or teacher and claim child abuse as retribution. Finally a child may be taken to the hospital, and when the doctors cannot determine a cause of injuries, they diagnose forcible trauma or abuse.

In the arena of criminal cases, this is one area where you will likely not be given the benefit of the doubt, but will be presumed guilty right from the moment the charges are leveled. To protect your future, as well as your rights as a parent, you must call an expert in defending these cases immediately. It is imperative that you have qualified representation before you speak to a police officer or CPS, so exercise your right to remain silent until your attorney arrives. Being accused of child abuse can destroy your standing in the community and may result in loss of employment, not to mention the child abuse registry and ultimately prison.


Accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome in Michigan?

If you have been accused of shaking a baby or if you are currently being investigated for alleged SBS, you will need to speak with our Michigan child abuse attorneys as soon as possible.

What Is Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Shaken Baby Syndrome, also known as SBS or abusive head trauma, is an allegation that an adult, parent, guardian, or babysitter shakes a baby so violently that they case serious to lifelong injuries, ranging from brain injuries, spine injuries, head injuries, or other injuries that are difficult to see, such as subdural hematomas or retinal hemorrhages.

However, normal childhood accidents or falls can mimic Shaken Baby Syndrome, causing the parent or caregiver to be wrongly accused. Most often, the person who was caring for the child immediately prior to the presenting symptoms will be the person accused, although they may have done absolutely nothing wrong. The criminal defense lawyers at Satawa Law, PLLC are committed to defending those who have been wrongfully accused of child abuse in conjunction with Shaken Baby Syndrome.

What if I Have Been Wrongfully Accused?

At Satawa Law, PLLC, we understand that many people can be wrongfully accused or arrested on suspicion of SBS. People or parents who are looking after the child immediately prior to the presenting symptoms can suddenly find themselves facing serious allegations of endangering a child’s life, even if they did absolutely nothing wrong. This is due in part by a couple of factors.

Normal Childhood Accidents: Children can get into accidents that can mimic injuries that may indicate SBS. This often leads to wrongful accusations.
Expert Opinions: Experts and doctors can get things wrong. They may assume that hemorrhaging, hematomas, swelling, or bruising is indicative of SBS, even when it actually is not.


Legal Defense for Medical Child Abuse — Call Our Southfield Criminal Defense Attorney

Medical child abuse (MCA), sometimes known as Munchausen-by-Proxy, is a syndrome that involves a caregiving adult purposefully keeping a child ill. The adult, usually a parent, will either repeatedly report false claims of illness to a doctor or produce illness in the child through poisoning or another means. These actions are usually taken with the aim of garnering sympathy and attention from others. This can lead to a litany of unnecessary tests, treatments, therapies, and possibly even surgeries. Because of the dire nature of this condition and the often irreparable harm it can cause to children, it is taken very seriously and prosecuted very aggressively. However, many of the warning signs that lead to an accusation of Medical Child Abuse are synonymous with the struggles that a parent may endure when their child is suffering from an unidentified disease. The following warning signs are often used to identify the syndrome:

  • Refusal to leave the child alone for very long at all.
  • An unexplained and persistent illness in a child.
  • The request for numerous tests by multiple experts in the field.
  • Conflicting data, findings, or information from different medical sources.
  • Symptoms, test results, or reactions that do not fit with one another or do not make sense.
  • Repeated requests to do tests over if they yield normal results.
  • Going from doctor to doctor in order to find a different primary care pediatrician.


There is an enormous push to stop all forms of child abuse across the country—rightfully so—however because of this many people find themselves being falsely accused of a crime they did not commit.

The Odds are Against You

If you are accused, charged, and convicted of child abuse, you are facing serious criminal problems. Depending on the extent of the child’s injuries, you could be charged with a crime as serious as 1st degree child abuse, which is a life felony. And if the child dies, you could be charged with manslaughter or even murder.


Your job, your reputation and your entire future will be on the line. CPS can remove your children from your home, and terminate your parental rights – even when the charges are later proven to be completely without merit.


The attorneys of Satawa Law, PLLC are well-versed in handling all types of child abuse cases, and will do their best to handle the matter outside of court in order to save your reputation and minimize the damage to your life. Our attorneys are incredibly successful in avoiding the filing of criminal charges against their clients in cases such as this, and we understand the costly and difficult legal battle you are facing.

The quicker you resolve charges of child abuse, the better for you and your family. The child abuse defense attorneys of Satawa Law, PLLC are highly experienced in child abuse cases, shaken baby, abusive head trauma, and medical child abuse. Our attorneys have your best interests and your future as our top priority. You have steep odds against you once you have been charged with child abuse, so take immediate action.

When you are looking for an attorney, you must choose a firm who has years of positive history in dealing with child abuse charges. Satawa Law, PLLC is that firm. Don’t leave your future to chance—call Satawa Law, PLLC today, and rest easy in the knowledge you are being aggressively defended by a highly successful firm with the best reputation in the field.

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