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If you have been accused of sexual assault, molestation, or child abuse, you are fully aware of the difficulties in navigating through a complex legal system. If you have been convicted, it goes from bad to worse. You have now been convicted, so you are no longer presumed innocent, and you are staring at likely prison time, as well as and sex offender registration (for a sex crime) or the central registry (for child abuse) as penalties. The social science and specific factual issues unique and specific to Criminal Sexual Conduct or Child Abuse Cases are bad enough on their own, but now you add a new layer of complexity with appellate procedural rules and barriers to you winning an appeal such as unpreserved error and the harmless error rule. Procedural complexities become even more pronounced for post convictions motions challenging your conviction after your direct appeal, such as a state 6500 motion (MCR 6.500), or a federal habeas corpus petition (18 USC § 2254 or § 2255). This all adds up together to make it especially important that you have a highly experienced criminal appeals attorney to help you navigate the appellate court system. 


How Our Attorneys Can Help

Many lawyers dread the thought of the fight and work load that goes along with an appeal – the tedious reading of transcripts, issue spotting, identifying error, legal research, and drafting a 50 page brief. The attorneys of Satawa Law PLLC have a proven track record of success in criminal sexual conduct and child abuse appeals. We are dedicated to our clients and will work tirelessly in order to produce an appeal or post-conviction motion that will give you the very best chance of success. We specialize in advocacy for sexual assault and child abuse appeals, and are well-versed in delivering a compelling and persuasive argument on your behalf. We are experts in the science and medicine that can turn these cases in your favor after trial, such as forensic interviewing, DNA, shaken baby syndrome, abusive head trauma, medical child abuse, delayed disclosure, suggestibility and suggested memory, false confessions, and repressed memory. We understand the science, social science, factual nuances, and legal issues prominent in CSC and child abuse cases, and in the legal system in general, and our experience allows us to know which direction we need to take in order to pursue your appeal.


Strict Time Limits

The time limits for filing appeals are extremely strict, and the rules exceptionally complex. You should hire an appellate criminal attorney immediately following a negative ruling on your sexual assault or child abuse trial. The attorneys of Satawa Law, PLLC, will examine your cases thoroughly to see whether grounds for appeal exist, and will make a complete analysis of your trial attorney’s performance to see whether a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel could be developed and presented on appeal. Our goal will be to raise issues on appeal which show that a specific error occurred which significantly undermined the fairness of the trial, prejudicing your defense in the process.

Necessary Requirements

In your search for the most effective appellate attorney possible, there are several things to keep in mind. Is your prospective criminal defense appellate attorney familiar with Michigan appellate procedure and have years of practice and experience? Does the firm have a solid reputation for high-quality representation? Are the attorneys in the firm able to deliver a solidly researched and persuasively presented brief to the appellate court which will bring your strongest claims into sharp focus? Will your attorneys be able to hone in on the specific issues to raise on appeal and are they able to review your trial court record with a fine tooth comb? Finally, can the attorneys you are considering effectively argue your case to the appellate court succinctly and successfully? Satawa Law can answer affirmatively to all these questions. We are 100% committed to having your best interests at heart, and will do our very best to present winning arguments on your behalf during your sexual assault or child abuse appeal. Call Satawa Law today, your time for appeal is limited. 

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