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Child sexual assault allegations are cases that are easy to charge but are hard to defend. Being falsely accused of child sexual abuse can be a potentially life-altering experience. Without proper legal representation, these charges can lead to a conviction that includes a long prison sentences, perhaps a lifetime of parole and electronic monitoring, and registering as a sex offender. To make sure this does not happen to you, here are some ways Satawa Law and our sexual abuse lawyers in Oakland County MI can ensure your rights are protected in these matters.

Prompt Investigations

In these situations, it is critical your attorney get to the truth as quickly as possible. Once an alleged victim has told their story several times to police, teachers, social workers, and others, getting to the real facts can be difficult. However, by conducting an investigation early in the process, your lawyer can often uncover discrepancies in the story, leading to a solid defense to their false allegations.

Recognizing Coaching

If you work with lawyers who are experienced and knowledgeable about these cases, they will be able to quickly spot a child who has been coached to say certain things about you. This happens very frequently with young children, especially those where parents may be involved in a bitter divorce or custody case. 

Trial Experience

Since these cases can often make their way to trial, it is crucial your attorney be extremely skilled in trial advocacy skills such as cross-examination, and not allowing prosecutors to dominate the trial. To do so, your attorney can use carefully chosen words, defenses, cross examination techniques, and presentation of affirmative defense tools such as experts and consultants.  These strategies are often crucial in helping to sway a jury.

If you have been falsely accused of child sexual abuse, don’t put your legal fate in the hands of inexperienced lawyers. Instead, let Satawa Law and our skilled team of sexual abuse lawyers in Oakland County MI go to work proving your innocence. Call us immediately to schedule a complimentary strategy session. At that session, you will receive 3 things – even if you do not hire us: 1) a summary of the important facts; 2) identification of the critical legal issues; and 3) an initial strategy or plan of attack if you did hire us.

Have you recently been the victim of false child abuse charges? If you were charged with one of these offenses, the charges may become part of your permanent record. This is true even if the charges were later dropped by the prosecutor, dismissed by a Court as a matter of law, or you were found not guilty by a jury.  If you want to get the arrest and charge removed from your record, you will need to speak to a team of Michigan child abuse attorneys. 

What Can Michigan Child Abuse Attorneys Do to Help You?
The sooner you get these charges off your record, the better. You don’t want to be in the position of not being allowed in certain areas (such as near a school), turned away at your child’s school, being turned down for a job, or denied a home loan because of these charges appearing on your record. You don’t want to be looked at by complete strangers as a potential criminal or security risk.

When it comes to getting false charges erased from your record, you should first realize that you can’t do it on your own. The judge in your case may have dropped the charges but they will stay on your record until you make an official motion for return/destruction of fingerprints to have your arrest record cleared. To do this, you will need the aid of a team of legal experts. 

In addition, even the allegation of child abuse or neglect nearly always results in the accused being placed on the central registry for child abuse. Being removed from that registry is NOT automatic after you win your case, and it is not easy either. It involves filing a petition to be removed, followed by an administrative law hearing. It is not easy, and it is not guaranteed.

Hiring a team of Michigan sexual assault attorneys is the best thing you can do to get the ball rolling on having these charges erased.

Contact the Firm of Satawa Law for More Info 
Satawa Law is the leading firm of Michigan child abuse attorneys that can help get your false abuse charges permanently removed from your record. The process can be a tricky one that requires legal finesse and perseverance. However, we have the knowledge and expertise to get to work on your behalf to remove these false charges off your record, and clear your name – once and for all. Get in touch with us today for more info, and to schedule a complimentary strategy session. At that session, you will receive 3 things – even if you do not hire us: 1) a summary of the important facts; 2) identification of the critical legal issues; and 3) an initial strategy or plan of attack if you did hire us.

If you think you cannot be arrested for sexual assault because you’re innocent, think again. Even if you have a consensual sexual encounter, your partner may allege they were sexually assaulted. Since these allegations are taking seriously by police and prosecutors, chances are fairly high that you will be charged with the crime. To make sure your life is not destroyed by these allegations, here is why you need Attorney Mark Satawa to protect your legal rights during this complex process.

Lying about Sexual Assault
When allegations of sexual assault are made by a supposed victim, police and prosecutors are often eager to “close the case” – that is law enforcement talk for make an arrest, and gain a conviction. However, by working with Satawa Law, it may be revealed the alleged victim lied about the allegations for a variety of reasons, such as:

      –Attempting to extort money 
      –Revenge for perceived wrongdoing
      –Get attention or sympathy from others
      –Mental health issues
      –Alibi to cover up other behavior or shift responsibility 

No matter the reasons for the allegations, it will be important to have Southfield MI sexual abuse lawyers on your side who can quickly get to the bottom of things.

Serious Consequences
If you leave your fate in the hands of a public defender or attorney who has little if any experience defending sex cases, you will likely be convicted and face serious consequences. In most cases, this means an extended prison sentence, possibly life time parole and electronic monitoring upon release from prison, and registering as a sex offender. Rather than let this happen to you, turn to the Southfield MI sexual abuse lawyers at Satawa Law to prove your innocence.

While you may be scared wondering what may happen next, putting your trust in Attorney Mark Satawa can make even the most stressful event more bearable. To make sure police and prosecutors do not railroad you into being wrongfully convicted, schedule a complimentary strategy session as soon as possible. At that session, you will receive 3 things – even if you do not hire us: 1) a summary of the important facts; 2) identification of the critical legal issues; and 3) an initial strategy or plan of attack if you did hire us.

Falsely Accused

Five Things To Do When You Are Falsely Accused Of Sexual Abuse

It’s no secret that sexual assault is terrible – one of the worst crimes that anyone can ever commit. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the worst crimes to ever be falsely accused of committing. And being false accused of these offenses can be so easy. Frequently it just takes one person’s word, and then you are charged in a she said/he said situation. What do you do? How do you show that you did not do this? How do you prove a negative?

Regardless of the reasoning behind a false allegation, being falsely accused of such a horrific thing can lead to all sorts of negative consequences, so it’s important that you know what to do in the event that this happens to you.

Here are five important things to keep in mind if you ever find yourself falsely accused of a sex crime.

First – Keep Yourself in Check and Talk to No One

Even though you have been falsely accused of sexual abuse, you need to be careful.  Yes, it’s hard.  You know you aren’t guilty, and you want to talk to EVERYONE and tell them you’re innocent – like friends, family, co-workers, CPS, and most importantly the police. Stop! Shut up! Do NOT talk – to anyone! Do not answer questions, do not try to offer an innocent explanation, and DO NOT APOLOGIZE. The phone call from your ex-wife, the girl you met at the bar last night, the father of your daughter’s BFF, or whoever is accusing you is likely a controlled call – that means the police are listening and recording it, and apologies are twisted into confessions by the police and prosecution. Yes, it is extremely important to keep yourself in check. This means that you will need to watch what you both say and do at all times, as saying one thing that could be construed as off-color could turn your case into a disaster. Working with an experienced Southfield sex crimes attorney in order to properly prepare yourself is a great way to help prevent something from being twisted, and stop that that from happening.

Select An Experienced Attorney such as Satawa Law

hire an attorney

There are a host of great attorneys who are experienced in many different types of cases. But when facing these charges, take the time to speak to the Southfield sex crime attorney team at Satawa Law, whose sole goal is to defend your rights and protect your future when it comes to this accusation. Having an attorney who is a specialist and highly experienced in sexual assault cases, especially when it comes to representing those who have been falsely accused of such a crime, is an important first step in seeing a successful result for you in the end.

Establish a Timeline

Take the time to sit down and establish a timeline of the alleged events in writing. Begin from the first day and end at the current day, being sure to include as much detail as you can remember. Collaborate it any way you can, and as many different ways as you can. Do you have witnesses? Texts? Social media posts? Missed/made phone calls? Selfies? Pictures? Do NOT assume this information will remain available to you forever. This type of documentation will be an extremely useful tool to include as part of your defense, and can mean the difference between winning and losing, or freedom and prison.

Talk to your lawyer about testing

Since the case involves sexual abuse, it may or may not be a good idea to be tested. More specifically, talk to your lawyer about testing that could possibly help to prove your innocence, or disprove the allegation against you.  You and your lawyer can first consider a polygraph, to verify you’re telling the truth.  Maybe psychological testing or a sex offender risk assessment could be helpful. Certain medical tests could support you in the right case.  It all depends on the unique facts of your case. So speak to your lawyer about how you can help establish or verify your innocence anyway you can.

Compose a List of Witnesses

eye witness

As soon as the allegation surfaces, and even prior to meeting with your Michigan sex crime lawyer, take the time to compose a list of witnesses who can corroborate your version of events and can help to prove that you are not guilty of the sexual abuse crimes you’re being accused of committing. You should always be sure to include the following information about the witnesses:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Place of Employment
  • Brief Biography
  • What They Can Testify To

Once your list has been compiled, show it to your attorney, as they can then help to decide who will be the best witnesses to call to testify.

Have you been falsely accused? Call Satawa Law today for consultation of your case.

Have you recently been falsely accused of child abuse? If so, you need to act quickly. You need to hire the services of a Southfield Mi child abuse attorney. This is the person who can work with you to get these false charges exposed and dropped before they do serious damage to your life.

You Can’t Afford Not to Respond to False Allegations of Child Abuse 
There is a very special stigma attached to this kind of crime that can follow you throughout the rest of your life, including being placed on the Michigan Central Registry for Child Abuse. Once you are formally charged with this crime, it can result not only in legal penalties but also in the loss of your job, your family, and your friends. 

If these charges are allowed to become a part of your permanent record, no employer will want to hire a person with such heinous crimes on their record. You will have trouble moving into a new home. It will set up a lifelong pattern of discrimination that will be very hard to break free of. 

Contact the Office of Attorney Mark Satawa at Satawa Law PLLC 
It’s never a good idea to try to fight these charges by yourself, or with a lawyer you know because he helped you with your house closing or car accident. The prosecutor will be working overtime to try to get a conviction for your accuser. The prosecutor and police will do all in their power to get you to contradict your story or even incriminate yourself. If they succeed in this, the case can be lost before it even begins. 

You need to hire a Southfield Mi child abuse attorney to give you the expert legal assistance that you will need. Your best bet is to get in touch with Satawa Law PLLC to learn what we can do to help you restore your reputation and stop these false accusations.

There is nothing in the world worse than being falsely accused of child sexual abuse. This is a crime that has a very unique – and very dangerous – stigma attached to it. If you are a parent or caregiver who has been falsely accused of such a heinous act, you need to take action immediately. This is not the kind of charge you can ignore or take lightly.

What to Do if You Have Been Falsely Accused of Child Sexual Assault
The first thing you need to do if you are falsely accused of child sexual assault to contact a Southfield Michigan child sex crimes lawyer, such as Attorney Mark Satawa from Satawa Law PLLC. You can schedule to meet with us for a confidential, initial consultation with an expert in child sexual crime defense. 

The sooner you hire a specialist attorney to represent you, the better. It is extremely important to put these accusations to bed before they can get out of hand. These charges can result in you losing your family, friends, job, and any prospects for a future career before you even get to court. A lawyer from our firm can help get this issue taken care before it destroys your life. 

Contact a Southfield Michigan Child Abuse Lawyer Today
Don’t let a false accusation of child sexual assault stop your life in its tracks. This is an ugly charge that can have permanently damaging consequences. This is not the time to play it safe, hope the problem resolves itself, or look for a quick plea bargain. 

Your best bet is to hire Mark Satawa from Satawa Law PLLC to handle your case. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do to help you beat this ugly and false accusation. 

Title IX Sexual Assault

MSU just can’t get this Title IX sexual assault hearing thing right. 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Of course, most Universities don’t get it right, at least in Michigan.

A few weeks after letting Michael Talbot go, Rob Kent, the new director of MSU’s Title IX hearings, announced sweeping new changes in the University’s hearing policies. The hearings will take place electronically, and representatives, rather than the people directly involved in the complaints, will pose questions “Nobody’s actually going to have to confront the person through the cross-examination,” Kent said. Bad news for Kent and MSU – the changes are illegal.

In a 2018 decision, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the right of students accused of violating university rules to use cross-examination in a live hearing. So, the law now requires colleges to protect the due process rights of their students in these hearings, by allowing rights such as cross-examination. These protections serve an important check against false accusations, and prevent innocent students from being suspended or expelled. 

If you are faced with such an allegation, do not leave your education or future to chance. Call the experienced Title IX Michigan sex crimes lawyers at Satawa Law for your confidential, no cost review of your case. Satawa Law. Defending your rights, protecting your future. 

campus sexual assault

So let me get this straight. After fumbling this issue at every turn, including replacing Simon with Engler, MSU now hires a former judge with ties to Engler to oversee its title nine sexual assault compliance. 

As @amandathomashow tweeted:

Everyone: MSU cannot possibly screw this up anymore 

MSU: hold my beer 

Campus sexual assault is a real problem. Those who have been sexually assaulted deserve a hearing that will guarantee their safety and ability to stay in school. Those falsely accused deserve the right to a fair hearing where they have a real opportunity to challenge the allegations and clear their name.

And before any one thinks that this appointment will somehow benefit those accused in these cases, just remember that Talbot was one of the most conservative and anti-defendant rights judges in the state when he was in Wayne County. It just keeps getting better, and you cannot make this stuff up. 

If you find yourself falsely accused of a campus sexual assault in a title IX hearing, do not leave your education or your future to chance. Call the experienced Michigan sex crimes lawyers at Satawa Law today for your complimentary, confidential, 30 minute strategy strategy session about your case.

Satawa Law, defending your rights, protecting your future.

minor arrested

Well, nearly 25 years ago, Michigan adopted a new policy. In 1995, the MDOC announced that any inmate found guilty of 2 substance abuse violations would lose all visitation rights, except from their lawyer or clergy. The policy also barred visits from minors unless they were the inmates’ own children, thereby eliminating visits from nephews, nieces, cousins, and even underage siblings. It was certainly controversial.

The policy was litigated all the way to the US Supreme Court, which ruled 9-0 in favor of the MDOC and its restrictions on visits. 

There has been some recent progress. Minors are again allowed to visit family members other than their parents. Inmates who violate the substance abuse policy can also apply to have visits reinstated after one year, often successfully if they haven’t received other significant disciplinary tickets. 

But as this country’s issues with substance abuse and the opioid crisis continue to escalate, we need to ask ourselves – at what point does attempts at discipline have too much of an adverse effect on people who are struggling with addiction to begin with? Satawa Law. On guard to defend your rights. 


The odds against citizens accused of sex crimes just got worse (again). Beginning March 17, 2019, amended MCL 768.27b (see 2018 PA 372), allows prosecutors other to admit “other acts” evidence of prior sexual assault “for any purpose for which it is relevant.”

“Other acts evidence” of prior sexual assaults have always been admissible under Michigan Rule of Evidence 404(B) (MRE 404(b)). However, 404(B) requires a proper purpose, and prohibits the admission of “other acts” to prove propensity or character. 768.27B eliminates that requirement, and does not limit the use of the evidence to prove propensity or character. 

There are basically two limitations on the new statute. One is Michigan rule of evidence 403, which holds that the evidence is inadmissible if it “substantially more prejudicial than probative,” or leads to issues like needless delay or a confusion to the jury.

The other is the statute itself (768.27B) limits admissibility of “other acts” to only those that occurred in the past ten years prior to the charged offense.  See 2018 PA 372.  However, the 10-year restriction can be overcome if the prosecutor is able to establish any of the following:

  • The prior sexual assault had been reported to law enforcement within 5 years of its occurrence.
  • A sexual assault evidence kit was collected.
  • Evidence from the assault was tested and resulted in a DNA profile associated with the defendant.
  • It is in the interests of justice to admit the evidence.

See MCL 768.27b(4).

Once again, the rights of citizens accused of sexual assaults continue to be destroyed and removed. This only emphasizes even more the need to hire a specialist in sex crimes if this allegation is made against you. At Satawa Law, we simply win these cases. Satawa Law PLLC . Defending your rights, protecting your future.

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