Jun 2019

Child Sexual Abuse: How an Attorney Can Help

child sexual abuse

Child sexual assault allegations are cases that are easy to charge but are hard to defend. Being falsely accused of child sexual abuse can be a potentially life-altering experience. Without proper legal representation, these charges can lead to a conviction that includes a long prison sentences, perhaps a lifetime of parole and electronic monitoring, and registering as a sex offender. To make sure this does not happen to you, here are some ways Satawa Law and our sexual abuse lawyers in Oakland County MI can ensure your rights are protected in these matters.

Prompt Investigations

In these situations, it is critical your attorney get to the truth as quickly as possible. Once an alleged victim has told their story several times to police, teachers, social workers, and others, getting to the real facts can be difficult. However, by conducting an investigation early in the process, your lawyer can often uncover discrepancies in the story, leading to a solid defense to their false allegations.

Recognizing Coaching

If you work with lawyers who are experienced and knowledgeable about these cases, they will be able to quickly spot a child who has been coached to say certain things about you. This happens very frequently with young children, especially those where parents may be involved in a bitter divorce or custody case. 

Trial Experience

Since these cases can often make their way to trial, it is crucial your attorney be extremely skilled in trial advocacy skills such as cross-examination, and not allowing prosecutors to dominate the trial. To do so, your attorney can use carefully chosen words, defenses, cross examination techniques, and presentation of affirmative defense tools such as experts and consultants.  These strategies are often crucial in helping to sway a jury.

If you have been falsely accused of child sexual abuse, don’t put your legal fate in the hands of inexperienced lawyers. Instead, let Satawa Law and our skilled team of sexual abuse lawyers in Oakland County MI go to work proving your innocence. Call us immediately to schedule a complimentary strategy session. At that session, you will receive 3 things – even if you do not hire us: 1) a summary of the important facts; 2) identification of the critical legal issues; and 3) an initial strategy or plan of attack if you did hire us.

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