Apr 2019

Recent News: Another Satawa Law win as innocent father acquitted of child sex crime at trial

recent news

The Michigan Sex Crimes lawyers at Satawa Law recently won another child sexual assault case at trial. A loving father was charged with sexual assault of 12 year old friend of his son, that he took into his home, and raised for years as his own son. He became a father figure to the young man, who even asked the client to formally adopt him. Shortly after the bio dad came back into the picture, the client called the police and CPS when he saw bio dad picking his son up from school while high. A few days later, client found himself charged with multiple criminal sexual conduct charges. Through an aggressive motion practice, the Southfield sexual assault attorneys of Satawa Law were able to acquire the boy’s school and psychological records, and discovered that as recently as 2 days before the allegations he told his therapist, teachers, school counselor, and CPS that he felt safe with client, and wanted to live with him. Following a multiple day trial, client was found not guilty and acquitted of all charges. The client’s response: “Hiring Mr. Satawa was a game changer and saved my life!,” “he was relentless in preparing and learning the truth,” and “I am so grateful for Mr. Satawa and his team for saving my life! ” His full testimonial will follow in a few weeks. 

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