Apr 2019

Title 9 Campus Sexual Assaults at Michigan State go from Bad to Worse

campus sexual assault

So let me get this straight. After fumbling this issue at every turn, including replacing Simon with Engler, MSU now hires a former judge with ties to Engler to oversee its title nine sexual assault compliance. 

As @amandathomashow tweeted:

Everyone: MSU cannot possibly screw this up anymore 

MSU: hold my beer 

Campus sexual assault is a real problem. Those who have been sexually assaulted deserve a hearing that will guarantee their safety and ability to stay in school. Those falsely accused deserve the right to a fair hearing where they have a real opportunity to challenge the allegations and clear their name.

And before any one thinks that this appointment will somehow benefit those accused in these cases, just remember that Talbot was one of the most conservative and anti-defendant rights judges in the state when he was in Wayne County. It just keeps getting better, and you cannot make this stuff up. 

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