Dec 2016

Parents Can Face Charges for Refusing to Vaccinate Their Children

Parents Can Face Charges for Refusing to Vaccinate Their ChildrenThe question of whether or not to vaccinate one’s child is one of the most controversial topics in recent news. Many parents across the country are changing how they view vaccinations, seeing them as being more harmful than helpful. Groups of anti-vaccination or “anti-vax” groups have chosen not to vaccinate their child.

Vaccines are powerful; they have been successful for decades because of their effectiveness. Those parents who are choosing not to vaccinate see the risks to their child’s health more so than the benefits.

Some of the most common concerns include the following:

  • The belief that multiple vaccines at once will overwhelm the baby’s immune system
  • The belief that vaccines contain toxins and other unwanted substances
  • The belief that vaccines do not actually work
  • The belief that the risk of injury or illness from a vaccine correlates with the need for specialized vaccine injury claims, such as the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP)
  • The belief that forcing parents to vaccinate is a violation of one’s rights

At Satawa Law, PLLC, we have seen these same parents face criminal charges for not vaccinating their child. The stories run a wide range: schools forcing parents to vaccinate their children based on policy, parents facing fines and forced to appear in court for violating immunization laws, Child Protective Services threatening to remove children out of a home if the parents refuse to vaccinate them, and parents who are incarcerated after failing to vaccinate results in the death of their child.

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