Oct 2012

Criminal Cases Involving Child Witnesses

child witnessesIf you saw a child on the street, at the mall or in the grocery, how would you react? Positive? Complimentary? Kind? Certainly not scared. Why are so many lawyers so afraid of child witnesses? These little ones are not mini-adults. Throughout each stage of development, every child has limits and unique nuances to communicating, remembering, and understanding.

The Law Firm of Kirsch and Satawa strives to be the very best criminal defense firm in Michigan, and to that end we are excited to announce the official launch of Lisa Kirsch Satawa’s trial consultation practice, focusing on both civil and criminal cases involving child witnesses. This is the latest step in our never ending quest to provide our clients (as well as the public at large) with a wide variety of up-to-date, high quality, useful legal services.

Lisa Kirsch Satawa has been consulting with civil and criminal lawyers around the country for years on cases involving child witnesses. She has done trainings and seminars on this age-based approach to handling prosecution and defense child witnesses for several legal groups and firms throughout the country. Her teaching and seminar credits on handling child witnesses and defending cases involving child victims include stops from Mississippi, Las Vegas, to New Mexico for organizations such as the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the National Child Abuse Defense resource center, the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan, the Arkansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Idaho Public Defenders.

Additionally, Ms. Kirsch Satawa has extensive experience assisting lawyers with case preparation, including cross-examination of the child, identifying and finding expert witnesses, time lines, interview analysis, extensive discovery, drafting opening statements and closing arguments, and identifying the “back story” of your facts for a better theme and theory for your case. Her unique education, training, expertise, and experience trying child abuse, child sexual assault and child protection cases, makes her an invaluable resource to any case involving child witnesses

“This may be my favorite part of practicing right now,” explained Lisa, “working with other lawyers, helping them prep a case for trial.”

If you have a case that requires special attention, your current lawyer needs some help, or you are just curious about Lisa can do to help. Call Ms. Kirsch Satawa at 248-356-8320.

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