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Have you been accused of child abuse? We understand that these types of allegations can be as humiliating as they can be damaging to your family, reputation, future, and freedom. Whether you made an honest mistake or not, we believe that every client deserves a chance to defend themselves in court and deserves an opportunity to share their side of the story.

Child abuse will be taken very seriously by prosecutors and, more often than not, they will seek the harshest possible penalties under the law. If you have been arrested, or think that you are facing a serious accusation of child abuse, you will need to speak with our Southfield criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. We take fast, effective, and thorough measures to ensure your rights are protected.

Degrees of Child Abuse in Michigan

Michigan law has several degrees of child abuse which carry significant criminal penalties and in addition to these penalties a parent who has been arrested for child abuse also risks termination of his or her parental rights. The major issue with these type of charges is that as little as a casual comment made by your child, a student, or a neighbor’s child, or even as the result of a difficult divorce can result in an investigation and serious charges and consequences.

The most serious offense in this realm is first-degree child abuse and requires that the parent or guardian knowingly or intentionally causes serious physical or mental harm to a child. Serious physical harm encompasses physical injury to the child such as brain damage, bone fracture, dislocation, sprain, internal injuries, poisoning, burns, scalds or cuts. Serious mental harm occurs when there are visible signs of impairment to the child’s ability to cope with everyday life demands. Unfortunately, an unexplained injury can result in a completely innocent parent be charged with this crime. Because the prosecutor will zero in on the parent as the abuser–because they are the easiest target–it is essential that you have competent representation to protect your rights and your future.

Second-degree child abuse occurs when a parent or guardian willfully fails to provide the necessary items in life such as food, clothing or shelter, causing harm in the process, commits a reckless act which results in physical harm, or commits an act which could cause mental or physical harm. Third-degree child abuse is a knowing or intentional act against a minor which causes physical harm, however unlike first-degree child abuse, the harm is not required to be serious. Although fourth-degree child abuse is still considered a very serious charge, it is the least severe and requires that the prosecution show the parent or guardian committed a reckless act which resulted in physical harm to the child.

Is Corporal Punishment Illegal?

Michigan law permits a parent to use only the amount of force which could be considered reasonable—obviously a very subjective measure. If the state has charged you with using excessive force on your child, then the prosecution must prove that the force you used was not reasonable as a method of discipline. If you have been charged with using excessive force to discipline your child, take the charges seriously and hire effective counsel immediately.

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