On April 12, 2011, Governor Snyder signed a bill making sweeping changes to Michigan’s Sex Offender Registration Act (Public Acts 17, 18, and 19 of 2011). An initial review of the changes show that while many of the proponents are congratulating themselves for finally bringing sanity to a law in much need of it, a closer read shows that the truth is not all the changes are as positive as they purport to be.

As discussed on the blog several weeks ago, Michigan’s Sex Offender Registration Act, MCLA 28.721 et. seq., was a “one tier” system. This means that before the changes in the law, anyone convicted of a “listed” sex offense in Michigan was put on the same registry. The act makes no distinctions between dangerous child predators convicted of molesting young children, and teenagers accused “statutory rape” (MCLA 750.520d(1)(a)) for having sex with their underage boyfriend or girlfriend (so called “Romeo and Juliet” offenders). If you are convicted of a listed offense, you are on the registry – the same registry for all.

The bill signed into law by Governor Snyder changes all of that.  Michigan is now a “Three tier” registration state, bringing the state into compliance with the Federal Adam Walsh Act requirements (Pub. L. 109-248, 120 Stat. 587).

First tier offenders would be those convicted of lesser sex offenses such as indecent exposure, certain simple possession of child pornography crimes, and most 4th degree criminal sexual conduct convictions. They would not be listed on the public registry at all; rather they would register with the State Police once per year for 15 years, and their names and information would be on a private list, available only to law enforcement. Some first tier offenders would be able to petition a judge to have their name removed after 10 years.

Second tier offenders would be for those convicted of offenses such as date rape, 2nd (MCLA 750.520c) and 3rd (MCLA 750.520d) degree criminal sexual conduct offenses against adults, and most internet and child pornography offenses.  Second tier offenders would have to register twice per year with the State Police, and would be on the registry for 25 years.

The most serious offenders would be on the Third Tier, which would be reserved for those persons convicted of crimes such as 1st degree criminal sexual conduct (MCLA 750.520b), and any conviction for sexually molesting a child under the age of 13.  This requirement applies even to juveniles convicted of these offenses.  Tier Three offenders would be forced to register four times per year, and would be on the registry for life.

The good news is that all juveniles aged 13 and under at time of offense will be removed from the registry no matter the offense.  Juveniles aged 14-16 at time of offense convicted of either Tier I or Tier II offenses will also removed from the registry.

The issue of Romeo and Juliet offenders is more complex – some will be removed, while others will not. Going forward, anyone convicted of a Romeo and Juliet offense and sentenced under Michigan’s Holmes Youthful Trainee Act, MCLA 762.11 et.seq, (commonly known as “HYTA”) will not be put on the registry.  For offenders that are not sentenced under HYTA, in order to avoid the registry they would need either a stipulation by the Prosecutor, or prove they should not be required to register at a hearing.  The burden of proof at this hearing is on the offender, and the rules of evidence do not apply.  The offender must prove that the victim consented by a preponderance of the evidence, along with the victim’s age (13 to 15 years old) and no more than four year age difference between the victim and the offender.  Most troubling, while the rules of evidence do not apply at this hearing, the new law states that rape shield prevents the offender from using the victim’s sexual history to establish consent.

While this is a good first start, many of the provisions, particularly those related to the Romeo and Juliet offender hearings, will need to played out in courtrooms throughout the state before the full impact of these changes is understood.

Mark A. Satawa practices in the area of criminal defense, specializing in sex crimes. He is a member of the board of directors of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (www.NACDL.org), and is a frequent continuing legal education speaker on sex offenses, most recently at the Institute for Continuing Legal Education seminar on Proven Defense Strategies for Challenging Criminal Sexual Conduct Cases.

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74 Responses to New Sex Offender Registration Act Becomes Law in Michigan

  1. […] have been closely tracking the changes to Michigan’s SORA law, and discussed these changes extensively on this blog.  These changes will go into full effect on July 1, 2011.  […]

  2. Nate says:

    So if I was 11 years old at time of offense I am off registry? Also I haven’t registered for over a year do I still face failure to register charges? Please email me with your answers

    • Mark Satawa says:

      In general, juveniles under 13 when they committed the offense should be off the registry. But in order to answer your questions, I would need more information. Please call me at the office, 248-356-8320.

  3. danny says:

    i have a 4th degree CSC from Michigan aprox. 15 yrs. prior that was non-violent, not plead down, and occurred between 2 adults. if you feel you can help me, please email me.

    Thank you.

    • reality says:

      If it was a 4th degree between aduls how was it nonviolent? That is its definition. You must be either a lier or framed.

  4. bobby says:

    the new adam walsh act is a joke, and is about to be repealed, becaus it brakes so manei constitutional laws, it’s not funny, congress is a bunch of dumb ass’s and this law is going to bite them right in theass,many states have already, ruled the AWA,unconstitutional and michigan well soon fallow suit, gov, snyder is an ass as well for signing yjis in to law,when he knew it to be an unconstitution law.

  5. Check it Out says:

    I have a dis obseny mater to a child why should i be on a list for those that are more dangerous. Go Michigan Go

  6. Sam says:


    14 years and one day old, pled guilty for 3 counts indecent exposure with one was supposed be drpped after successful probation. His name, address, etc is on a public computer accessible to the public, saying CSC, listed several times…other juV with offenses r not listed either, discrimination? Both prosecuter and juv judge were friends with the vics fam…how can we get this off…direction plz…

  7. missy says:

    can my friend that has a tier 2 csc 2nd degree move in with me and my kids and what is all the rules of that realionship wise and hunting and if he can be on school propery for the kids activites there he will be geting off parole next week if u plz let me know asap thanks

  8. everett garcelon says:

    I have a conviction of procession of child pornography it was one printed book and seized by customs so was a federal conviction. more than 10 years have passed 12 to be exact. If I move to Michigan can I be removed from the lists both the regular and the private? I have no other conviction, conviction date June 22 2000 Thanks

    • jim says:

      good luck michigan is a tuff state to be removed from the sorl. i did my crime 21 years ago and i did the rehab, have no rights and can not be removed this is BULLSHIT . sorry about the caps

  9. Marshall says:

    I believe that everyone convict of a 4th scs.should only have to register for the max of 15 years. There is some 4th scs people that has to register for 25 years. this is wrong someone who has been convicted of a mistermeaner should not have the same punishment as a felony!
    If there is other people that believe this too, we need to contact or governor and let him know!

    • george bell says:

      I was convicted of CSC 4th in 1989. I have been fighting this since it was passed. I was hung at trial, first was hung, second trial a lesser offense was included on jury form. Many other issues, all denied or improperly presented on appeal. Although I was convicted of a misdemeanor offense I am required to resister until 2027, yeah almost 40 years. (more errors and confusion) Presently, I have been denied access to my daughters school, the principle called and told me not to come to the “Daddy Daughter” dance. This is the last straw. She has no friends, and a couple of parents, women who’s own “backyard” is littered with trash, have complained, searching the web and coping my picture and posting it on every media site they can. They have not just harmed me, but have hurt my daughter (8 yrs old) to the point where I must result to taking the law into my own hands and getting restitution for their actions. This law does not only harm innocent people, it creates criminals out of law biding citizens who have reached the end of frustration with no recourse left.

  10. nowicki says:

    well, in 1994 i was 14. a ward of the state, touched another “placementee” he was 10. plead guilty in feb 1995 to csc2(still 14)was remanded over to delinquent status. and held until the age 18.in febuary of 1995 a 14 yr doesnt know whats on the book for legislation I am tier III -life time.. 17 yrs later. there is not any guide lines for youthful offenders. they look at me as a 32yr old pedophile. not as I made a poor choice in my childhood. Michigan has too many laws not enough justice.

    • bf says:

      Michigan is got 1 messed up justice systom and what gets me is that rape shield thingy that is BULL to cause their is a lot of young girls out their that have been lieing and wrongly accuseing guys of CSC and they never did it, BUT the one who did do it you can’t prove it with all your proof thats on black n white cause of that rape shield, because of that IS WHY THEIR IS WAY TO MANY GUYS IN PRISON cause the girls have a helper or not to put all these innocense guys in prison. Synder needs to look into that more better!!! or Get out of office!!!!

  11. Tee says:

    Unconstitutional is exactly how this law is, and like Snyder is a joke! These tiers were made quickly so the state didn’t lose the funding. The people need to band together to create a resolution. The people will need to be the ones to step up to make changes. The way I feel is that repeated offenders should never be turn back lose into society. And if they are they should be tethered for life and classified as a tier three offender.

  12. Shan says:

    Is the catch all stipulation dropped out of the new law. I have read that this laws was repealing this. If anyone knows for an absolute fact please respond. Thank you

  13. J says:

    The law fails to acknowledge those convicted in other states. How about a 20 year old who had sex with a 16 year old. It wasn’t rape and I was charged with a misdemeanor in New York. This was over 10 years ago. No sex offender registration for me in NY at the time. Coming to Michigan shortly after and I was forced to register for 25 years. The new law change in July of 2011 forced me to register for life because New York regards sex with anyone under the age of 17 as not consensual (not rape that would be a different charge). A month in jail and a misdemeanor charge and now I have am regarded as a tier I offender and have lost out on promotions at work over it. Time to go back to New York.

  14. J says:

    *Sorry tier III offender in Michigan for the misdemeanor charge in New York.

  15. Dag says:

    I just want to know why I was placed on Tier III when myself and he “Victim” both have said nothing happened and she has been trying to clear me for years and she cannot even find help!

    What is worst is I am a parent on a list listed as level 3 for something that I did not do to begin with and now I have gone from 8 years, 25 years to LIFE! I was told at the time by my bad lawyer to not make a fuss and take what the judge did and in 5 years see him and he would work to clear it up the 5 year mark pasted in 1997 and the laws changed as well.

    For me I passed 3 polygraph test and had to take a STD test. All this to now find out I was convicted because my family member had a UTI! They did not let the Doctor testify or the detective and even the detective knew I was thrown under the bus and was not given a fair trial even with all the witnesses who did not testify.

    I just wish someone would help me and my family clear my name because we have pretty much given up.

    However I will say that this law is not Constitutional nor does it allow for a person to be re-evaluated. The next issue is that the law is too far reaching to the point where at the current rate this law can affect how some of us who are on the list parent our children. We need to return to the basics of people knowing who lives near you and stop this madness!

    I have been in the same sub since 2005 and my child does not have a single friend here and I know it is because of my status on a list. No matter how successful I am getting in business right now that list stays in the back of my mind when I do not get a call back from a client.

    I gave up searching for help to get answers and what are my rights because I cannot find a single lawyer to help advise us on what we can do. I and my family would love to have some answers.

    • edward louis phillips says:

      From 25 yrs to life registry for something I didnt do. My daughter was my accuser. She admits she lied but what can I do. I will not let my daughter go to jail for perjury. No redress to govt. No threat to anyone but myself. As a murderer, I could at least rent a home. Our local crack dsealer is held in higher regard than I am. I really need help. We all need help. YES, there are those who are a real threat. However, they are the minority of those on the list. This could be compensated for if individuals could have their particular cases revewed. I wish I could help others with similar problems but it turns out, I cant even help myself. GOOD LUCK!! We’ll need it

    • bf says:

      Have you ever got in contact with the Exoneration Project? look them up on internet sign up on their email n then download their page that you can print up and fill out as it saids to do and mail it in they may not get to you right away cause they are very bussy but they will let you know if they can help you. Your story is very inteesting cause my son was wrongly accused also and we have all the proof to but they put up that rape shield that pretacted the accuser n the one who really did it to her all these years n her own mother told her that she raised that boy who did it to her own daughter like he was her own son so thats why the accuser would not tell the truth on who really did it and lied in court room and said my son did it and he wasn’t in the state of michigan

  16. Kathy says:

    It’s all about money. There is no justice in this ridiculous sex offender registry. My son’t on it. It’s ruined his life, made him move from his own home he bought and lived in for 3 years. Told to get out in 2 weeks and the warrant would be dropped. Three months later he gets stopped and arrested, because the warrant was still in effect. He’s a Tier III now for having consensual sex with an underage teen. The lo cal football star did the same thing and got off. You won’t find his name on any list. I should have raised hell then. Don’t ever let you kids go the Police station without a lawyer. Mine did and told the truth. Had a public defender. The other guy had a big time lawyer. Money talks, BS walks. I’m willing to fight to have this Adam Walsh Act changed.

  17. darrell mcglothin says:

    if one is listed as tier 111 but has 3rd degree conviction who do he call.

  18. J.P says:

    I just moved from Tx.and haven’t a clue of where to start to look for answers.Jobs are hard to come by and Especially with this hanging over my head.I barely found a home to live in but for some reason,knowing I’m on the registry makes me feel hopeless.Who can I turn to for answers on where I stand?Thank you

  19. Howaed Castro says:

    With the grey area of HYTA sentencing yet SORA requirements nevertheless, what about defamation? ie. living conditions, job opportunities, assaults. (off of public record yet on very easily accessable SORA registration requirements.

  20. harley says:

    Have attempt csc 4 in michigan. which is tier 1 no public registry. register 15 years but can apply for removal after 10 if no further offences. Looking at moving to New York or Arizona. Will I have to register in New York or Arizona? Are there any states where attempt csc 4 wouldnt be a registerable offense?
    Thank you

  21. harley says:

    Forgot to ask: are there any other states that dont impose living 1500 from school, not attending school functions, going to parks, fairs etc with my family for this offense when child wasnt involved.

  22. BP says:

    After a year of researching, asking questions, talking to people, and reading everything I can find on the issue, I believe there is only one way to make this ridiculous system go away. And that is for RSO’s and their friends and families to rise up and be heard! I read so much about the problems and inequities of the system, but little to no help at all! My friend is considered a Tier 3, 4th degree predator. First of all he never touched or would touch a child. Second his offenses were unwanted touching. Third he is not or never was a violent person! He had a horrible childhood with no guidance and was abused himself! He learned his lesson and has turned his life around! He deserves a chance to be forgiven! His “victims” forgave him a long time ago! When is this nonsense and the witch hunt going to end?!!!

  23. bonnie says:

    Well 1st of all I think their are way to many girls out their between the ages of 12 to 18 n maybe more, thats IS GETTING AWAY with lies just to get these dudes in trouble, n I believe that is wrong!!!!!! Their should be a law NOW that says: all girls n women that r lieing just for revence or just to break up familys, n parents, ect.. SHOULD BE PROICUTED also!!! Because their people they r living with WILL TRY N MAKE THEM BRING OUT OLD STUFF that these kids Don’t remeber from when they were young (unless they r still having sex with someone) which most of the girls r, But they live with sicko parents who work on their brains for yrs n yrs n twist stuff around by getting these kids or women to remember their past that they have forgotten.. them parents, or friend needs to go in to a mental hostipal, cause they R the problem, N SO IS THESE KIDS THAT R lieing n to gain what???? maybe the mother or other parent told them “OH U CAN GET MONEY IF THEY THINK YOUR MENTALLY SICK”, when is realty it is the real mother or parent or who ever they live with IS GOING TO TRY N GET MONEY, off them n now that they tore the kid down mentally n motionally they think their CRAZY, then the parent doesn’t give then the money like from S.S.I. or welfare, cause it was never about the kid it was all about the mother or parent that kid or women live with…!!!! This needs to stop!!! today before everybody is introuble cause of they way this world is TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. william says:

    my opinions on this matter is like this. The original laws on this from 1994 go retroactive for anyone which I think is wrong. if a person is released after this date then they should have to register. but anyone who has served their time and finished paying their debt should not be held to this prior to the activation of this law.
    held to a felony for not registering had their rights restored and try to become a part of society should not be condemned all over again. to me it is double indemnity. the law or government has no business creating laws that go into the past to continue to condemn people. the laws need to go from time of activation forward not backward.

  25. Jason says:

    I’m a 2nd degree sex offender and I was 14 during the offense. The victim was under 13. This incident happened back in 1998 before the laws changed. So if anyone can give me some insight or opinion on what you think I may have a chance to either get off the registry or at least have my offender information changed. Currently I’m listed as csc 2nd degree with victim under 13 years of age. Because I was 14 and so long ago, maybe be listed in the (other) category, to maybe lose some confusion to consider me a threat like a predator or an adult offender molesting a 13 year old or younger.

  26. Michael says:

    How does the law require a retroactive change in requirements in registering?

    • Bob Evansky says:

      Ex poste facto laws do not allow that, but Michigan violates Constitution daily. They don’t care. Sue them, and include a commercial lien.

  27. Michael says:

    What happens when the state wants to put a RFID chip on SO’s? Then what?

  28. Elle says:

    A young man we are trying to help obtain a better quality of life would like to move in with us. He was approximately 13 at the age of the act he perpetrated against his younger female relative. I cannot find him on a single search for sex offenders, however, he still has to go the police station every so many months to register. What is the long term process for him and what are the residential requirements? We live near a middle school (7th and 8th grade). Also, if he is registering but cannot be found on the list – will this exclude my address from being known as “where a sex offender lives”? I see no grooming behaviors and strongly feel this young man made a “curious” mistake and is not a predator of any kind.

  29. kim miller says:

    my husand is a 3 tier offender he served 10 years now after he has served his time he wants to have a child a step child actually. will he be able to raise that child and go like to the park with her etc.he has to register every 3 months for life what are the rules on this here in michigan

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  31. Bob Evansky says:

    Notice how the internet stings ended? Cox only charged just over half of MCL 750.145c2, and zero provisions of mcl722.675, then used the internet statutes to bootstrap bogus charges. Using the internet to “violate” laws that do not even exist. Then forced SORA registration for 25 years. Wait til these lawsuits hit the proverbial fan!!

    • Bob Evansky says:

      Also note, MCL only applies to state employees, not anyone else. They trick you into believing otherwise.
      De-register to further secure your position as We, the People, and not a 14th amendment slave/citizen. Be the 4th amendment Citizen of the Republic, and the Republic of Michigan, not the fiction known as THE STATE OF MICHIGAN, which doesn’t even exist anywhere but your mind

  32. b says:

    its pretty bad when in michigan you can be convicted and put on the registry for 750.520e Criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree; misdemeanor.when you are oraly raped by a 15 year old and your layer tells that it doent matter if 5 15 year olds hold you down and rape you because you are older.

  33. rainy says:

    I received a csc 3rd degree 15 years ago..i was given 25 years registry.. I googled my name to find out that I was placed on a life registry..i was 17 when it happend and charged at 18 ..the boy was 15.. but I was still charged was csc.. I was just a child myself when this happened to fix it and remove myself to fix it and remove myself from registry I am NOT a Predator

  34. I buy joy from, cause I stumbled upon what exactly I became writing about intended for. You might have concluded the 5 evening extended look! Goodness Cheers gentleman. Employ a wonderful day time. L8rs

  35. kristy says:

    im a 38 year old female with a hell of a story..no way i can get into it all here but the jest of it is. I was falsely accused of having sex with a 15 year old. I sold everything i had to get a good lawyer..no such luck. At the preliminary hearing i was given 20 minutes to decide to take the plea deal the prosecutor offered or face 15 year sin prison. My lawyer said he would need another $10,000 to go to trail and he said i had a 50/50 chance of winning due to the fact i had, had some wine and taken my prescription the day in question.I had a statement from the local police department saying an officer had been to my home twice in the hours that were in question to talk to me about my pontoon boat and that i was appropriately dressed and not intoxicated.However, I was scared and asked if i could be assured I would keep my 3 children. This had already been an ongoing battle for a few months and it was destroying my marriage and my children for many reasons. I took the plea to attempted criminal sexual conduct 3rd degree and was sentenced to 6 months in jail, to serve 4 with 2 held in abeyance.In the end i served 64 days, the judge in my case let me out of jail early . The jail commander came to me in the kitchen, where i was cooking , they had given me the trustee position the day i arrived. He said “your going home, no one thinks you belong here.”I left jail and thought I was done. I had no clue that my entire life would be like jail form then on. I never had heard of the sex offender registry until my first meeting with my probation officer. I never recall anyone mentioning this to me at the preliminary hearings or when i accepted my plea. I want to reopen my case, its all bullshit. My children have been teased relentlessly, ive had neighbors stand on my lawn screaming child molester and much more. My daughter, 11 at the time came home white as a ghost shaking one day because her friends mom wouldn’t let her play at their home anymore because i was a monster. My career was lost as i cant practice nursing with this felony.felony. I had to change my degree to be able to do it entirely online as our local college campus is near a high school. The list goes on. God blessed my husband and I with a baby 3 years ago and I love this little guy so much . The guilt I feel over the fact hes going to have to go through everything my older kids did is just beyond anything ive ever felt. This happened in 2006 and we have moved 8 times , struggle everyday just to survive its just a mess. In the beginning i had to register for 15 years. Now they consider me a tier 3 offender and its for life.I was a soccer coach, policy counsel member for my local head start, brownie troop leader, business owner etc.I wondered does anyone have advice on getting a case reopened and how that works. Im ready to fight and i have so much evidence that the kid was lying , even a facebook conversation he had with my niece that he admits to making up the story because he was mad at my husband and I. Thanks in advance….

  36. Legal Guy says:

    Ok, it is all a big joke until it affects you. I want
    the Governor to sign into law a new addition to the vehicle code. It would require all people who have had a speeding ticket in their driving history to pay an additional fine of $50 a year for the rest of their lives in order to drive. Further they would be required to drive cars(only) with no more that 50 Hp and a large rubber donut around the car warring all that this person is an offender of traffic laws.
    You say that is ridiculous, I say look at the speeding deaths just this year. Nearly 600 this year alone. Since the SOR has solved NO CASES, prevented NO crime and is simply the “Final Solution” for a guilt ridden man who lost his son tragically. (BTW this law would not have helped his son.)
    Sorry Adam I wish your parents had taken more interest in home security (like an alarm).
    Legal Gun

  37. Legal Guy says:

    Sorry I must amend my previous post Adam was adopted from a Sears store, right from his parents (not so watchful) eyes. Most times that I go to a store these days I several unattended children. Again the current SOR would not have saved or even helped Adam. The man charged with Adam’s death was beaten to death in prison. (Nice job there guards).
    So, even with my misconceptions of the case my words and meanings stand. Parents are responsible for looking after their children, especially in public places. Is John Walsh responsible for his son’s death – NO, but he didn’t save him either.
    Legal Guy

  38. Jan Frye says:

    overnor Snyder’s objectives For The New Sex Offender Registry Objectives Clearly violates the 8th amendment which states “The government cannot require excessive bail or fines, or any cruel and unusual punishment”. This amendment prohibits excessive fines and bail, as well as cruel and unusual punishments. The phrase “cruel and unusual punishments” first appeared in the English Bill of Rights. In colonial America, the British often employed branding, whipping, public humiliation and extremely long prison sentences for minor offenses. The Founders believed that justice requires that even those people found guilty of crimes be protected from this kind of treatment. James Wilson lectured on justice and punishments, saying in 1791, “A nation [that tolerates] cruel punishments becomes dastardly and contemptible. For in nations, as well as individuals, cruelty is always attended by cowardice.” He argued that punishments should be swift, certain, and moderate in order to be effective and prevent further crime. Governor Snyder’s IS in violation of this 8th amendment thus when he signed this bill he is signing “cruel and unusual punishments”, & is going against this amendment which prohibits excessive fines and bail and by signing this bill Governor Snyder is changing the word prohibit to the word permit excessive fines and bail, as well as cruel and unusual punishments for all sex offenders. This includes all of the states here not just Michigan. Governor Snyder is a person who is dastardly and contemptible as well as all of surrounding states in the USA. What type of nation have we become here? The Governor cannot make his own amendments up here and this is what he is doing… The word is that Governor Snyder will be running for office again & it is time to VOTE NO FOR Snyder 100%, possiably seek impeachment! Honestly; do you want a Governor running your state who forgot to tell the general public about the missing 1.4 million dollars from fees collected from sex offenders, as well as a person who is dastardly and contemptible individual. Governor Snyder is trying to make a profit off of sex offender and that is why he has not told the general public about the other 1.4 million dollars that will come out of the pockets of sex offenders. Those who think sex offenders should pay for something that goes against the 8th amendment are wrong. The Sex Offenders New Bill needs to cease as well as the registry which both go against this 8th amendment. I am against the sex offender registry as well as the new yearly fee that sex offenders must pay. In the sense I am saying to the Governor stop being dastardly and contemptible and breaking the 8th amendment!

  39. Jan Frye says:

    Personally I believe that the sex offender registry and yearly fee(FINE) is a crime against sex offenders (an eye for an eye) by our own Government. Our own Government has gone way excessive, and overboard with there distardly ideas and schemes against those who we call sex offenders or monsters. The Government and the politicians is a slanderous snake with fangs awaiting to strike out and bite and inject there poisonous venom and not a dam thing can be done to protect yourself from these snakes. Sex Offenders, monsters and so on is what they are called, but the truth is the Government forgot something and that is they to have a birth name and I do not think it was monster or sex offender. Politicians and Goverments go home and I believe they sit around thinking of ways that they can punish these individuals. Have not each of them done there time here, is there not a VOICE or PERSON who is willing to take a stand against what is wrong and for the rights of these individuals. I believe that impeachments should begin to force change, I believe that These individuals who society refers to as sex offender have true names and should be granted a chance and the room to make change, I believe that all politicians and goverments alike are all individuals who are adulterous (unfaithful, disloyal, untrue, inconstant, false, deceiving, deceitful, treacherous, illicit;) and this is a crime as well. The Politicians and Government of this world are able to commit crimes and nothing can be done. Wrong, we the people have a voice and it needs to be heard and not given a DEF EAR! A class action lawsuit needs to be filed for these individuals who still have rights and our Politicians and Government has stripped them of. I want to see these individuals with there rights back at 100% without registry and yearly fees. Personal if tax payers think about this a bit it will cost them to. How, because if these individuals do not pay they will be charged and locked up and personal there is not enough room here for that to tie up the hard earn tax payers dollars. The 8th amendment here that I posted in earlier comments goes against these sex offender laws. The politicians and governments have ripped out and replaced the word prohibit to the word permit in our 8th amendment when the enacted the registry law which is cruel and unusual punishment and the yearly fine is excessive. If they are getting away with this they can get away with others to bring a fine such as if you dont pay a dollar for the roads its a misdermenour offense come on here dont let those who stand in the center of big rooms win. There is crimes against bullying (use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.) And that is what the Politicians and Governments are doing forcing them to do what they want and if they dont do it then they are fined. It is my prayer that someone would get the balls and stand up and be a voice for all these individuals. The registry is punitive or involving, or with the intention of inflicting punishment. The Supreme Courts ruled that the registry was not punitive. Let me see here punitive has a word in its definition (inflicting) cause (something unpleasant or painful) to be suffered by someone or something. So by the Supreme Courts ruling to say the registry is not punitive then explain why the Politicians and Governments are inflicting or causing unpleasant and disagreeable discipline/punishment on a daily basis for these individuals? Because the Supreme court gave them the permission to do so when the supreme courts ruled the registry was not punitive. Let me see here I will shed some light here. When these individuals were charged with there crimes they all had some time in prison or jail (punishment), when these individuals got released the registry bill was enacted (punishment), and then the yearly fee for these individuals was enacted to force them to pay a yearly fee to live in there states (punishment & excessive). If you can not see this then get your eyes checked. When Governments and Politicians continue to pile or heap (disciplines) for these individuals they are in deed in error of the 8th amendment, they are in error to the rights of individuals we call monsters and sex offenders, and they are in error morally and ethically as Governments and Politicians. The Supreme Court I believe ruled with researching the actually term “punitive” they just stamped it with a big red ok. the Supreme Court needs to rethink the word punitive and do the right thing, just as the President, governments, and Politicians. When we hear of something new for these indviduals daily it becomes and has become punitive and excessive. Finally, who is going to be a VOICE HERE? ANYONE????? Politicians,Governments, President, And the Supreme Courts do not have the power to stand up and say, you know what this is wrong lets change this and make things right. If they did it would be the first and respectful thing our Country has done is to be faithful and admit where wrong was and has been done to these individuals.

    • Your absolutly right! I have been on the naughty list for 15yrs . I dated the victim for 2yrs with permission from her parent .She stoped taking her birth control and thought that having a baby would bring and end to our realationship problems. Anyhow she got pregnant and before sentencing I had the mayor of our small town marry us . I pled guilty to a high court misdemenor and 20yrs on the paranoid list .Now I’m. Going into my 3rd marriage and my new wife is disabled and dose not drive so who picks my sick kid up from school. And why should my freinds and family suffer for my immature dicsions at age 20 .I’m 36 now and its time to set the record straight! I think that sex offenders should be given a choice to A be kicked out of the country or B have a tracking chip installed . Its time to end the poor deputys punishment that extra time and money that can be put to use in the lives of my kids and so and so’s kids down the road. Also my sex life has sufferd tremendously and that’s. A normal persons stress releaver .So we can’t have people kept for unateral perposes can we? I do beleve that book that we all get our princaples from says that’s not right. You can’t argue whith the good book . Its in every court room and upon and in everyone of We the peoples lives . I’ll be the voice the reason and say hey give all these people they’re freedom and lives back for the sake of all the little ones involved.

  40. Jan Frye says:

    I would also like to point out a few other things. The first thing is this “Verses John 8:7, 8. – But when they continued asking him; he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin, let him first cast a stone at her. And again he stooped down, and with his finger was writing on the ground.” So honestly here, can you be the first to cast a judgment or stone on one of these individuals who society label as sex offenders or monsters? Everyone has done something wrong in there lives regardless if it was stealing or something else all the same scale here all crimes. The other thing I wanted to point out is Governor Synder talks about public safety and than bashes the sex offender, wait a minute. What about the person who is holding a gun and pulls the trigger and kills someone seems like the Governor and Politicians not doing nothing there for public safety are they. They are all about bashing the monsters. These individuals do have names and they are us citizens who have been rapped of there rights. If you (for those who think these laws are ok) than check this out. News flash…. When 911 struck it shook a nation and then I remember there on tv two steel beems shaped in a cross and america praised this to be a sign of hope. Wrong again!!! I believe the story of the two thieves on the cross one repeatant and one unrepentant. Well those who continued to rail and mock and spit and so on missed it. Same thing for 911 the world missed it. I did not miss it and believe it or not there was something missing on the cross a person that day, the cross was above a pile of rubbish. In other words I believe wholeheartedly that this was a message to let our nation know that we as a nation are beneath the cross just a pile of rubbish. If the Governor or Politicians seem they have a problem with forgiving rather than exercising punitive and excessive punishments upon these individuals then our nation is doomed spiritually! forgiveness is another name for sacrifice or pardoning ones faults. Abolish the registry and yearly fee they served there time! Quit bullying these individuals and say no to registry and yearly fee. The Governor and Politicians are forcing these individuals into misdenmors if they dont pay really. Now our nation forces crimes where are crime did not happen. I call this not right and what next are they going to make the non criminal pay 50.00 a year just because. I call this fee like rent and if you are going to charge them rental fees then they can live where they want. I believe the AWB is in error, I believe registry and yearly fee needs to stop if it is too much for law enforcements to keep up then consider the indiviual you are making register and pay year where as you have a job they do not. If they get away with this than they will keep getting away impeach all of them. Start gathering signature to impeach every last one of these so call distardly and contemptable Law makers. Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Dont sit back and let fear in the way lets move the moutain here it only a speak. When they start getting impeached and lawsuited and start costing them money then they might stop there nonsense ways off. Who going to stand to fight NO MORE REGISTRY AND YEARLY FEES!

  41. Jan Frye says:

    What do we need to help these guys and put a stop to the registry and yearly fee?

  42. Legal Guy says:

    You ask what will be needed. The answer is simple. A bill submitted by the people. This bill would be voted on in the next general election. If passed it becomes law. The bill should state that it is illegal to impose any type of duty, tax, fine, fee, and any type of restrictions which were not imposed by the sentencing Judge, further the sentencing Judge is prohibited from imposing any post incarnation requirements. Lastly, all post incarnation requirements which are already in effect and now null and void. This would collapse the registry. The state would loose about 1.5 million in road construction federal monies, which is offset by the over 3 million dollar price tag currently being paid by the taxpayers. We must use our voice to effect change. The wording of the bill must be airtight and iron clad. You see when we, (the voters) use this method our elected officials will try to find any loop hole the get out of the plain wording and intent of the bill. Our elected officials actually belief we the voters should not interfere with the operation of the government. Even when that government is doing things the the populace does not agree with. You see our elected officials spend most of their time getting re-elected. They sell off our access to the highest bidder. In my opinion they should be required to wear jump suits the NASCAR drivers, with the names of their sponsors on the suit.
    Legal Guy.

    • Jan Frye says:

      To legal Guy, this bill you refer to is it in creation now or will it be voted on in the next up coming election. I see no problem with sharing my voice with others in michigan about this bill that you talk about. Just want to know who is going to submit it?

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  44. Jan Frye says:

    I am writing this because I am curious in knowing if someone takes someone somewhere to do a crime but does not partake is that not accessory to the fact? Well here is what I am saying here. First I am inserting a little article. A Washington state man convicted of fatally shooting two men “because they were sex offenders” was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison without possibility of parole. Not only am I applying this for Michigan Regestriants but all states. The Goverments, & Senertors should be very much gulity in the death of sex offenders who have been killed because of there offenses. It makes our Govt officals accessories to a crime. I am asking the Senate, and all govnors to reform the sex offender regestry act or accept criminal penalties as accessories to a crime. By defaming and putting strict laws into play where it is all unneccessary you referring to senate and state gonvors are murders and gulity of murder. You need to look at yourselves and grow up. Yes I said that. Grow up!. Here is what I would like to see happen. Lets submit a bill that changes things around by putting a little force into play by voting into law that if a sex offender is murder The senate and all govnors become accessories to murder and will be charged as accompliance to murder since they started the problem they can be charged for the offense. If that goes into effect then things will begin to change. Because this is very true. If senate and govnors like to become careless towards others and defame and place stricter laws then we the people want accountabilty for the deaths of those offenders who have been murdered. I ask you has the balls to begin a bill and begin getting signatures unless you are cowards. Lets break the toughness and lets get things right here.

  45. Unknown says:

    If u got an assisting. For immoral purposes.

    At age 18/19 how do u avoid this with a minor that did not give consent. Ugh saying tgis record of someone I know.. this county may have fucked up the SORA for him 15 years ago.

    No . Romeo and Juliet terms dont apply way out of the age limit…

    If they make him do the SORA… im affarid he will sue the state of which he does reside in Michigan..

  46. So I’m leaning on the commander and cheif to send me a pardon my adress is 6226 north m 65 posen mi 49776 for the kids this has to happen I’m a father of 5 and in no way in hell going to sleep with anyone under the age of my eldest daughter

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  48. Lloyd Martin says:

    Did my crime–Did my time and then some. in 1994 was the crime. Got caught up in what I thought was a legal marijuana deal in 2011, And they changed the law 30 years later , now I have to register as a sex offender. Because I sold marijuana to a under cover cop. WHO KNEW.
    Can I fight this in any way? –michigan–

  49. […] New Sex Offender Registration Act Becomes Law in Michigan … – On April 12, 2011, Governor Snyder signed a bill making sweeping changes to Michigan’s Sex Offender Registration Act (Public Acts 17, 18, and 19 of 2011)…. […]

  50. jackie says:

    Think about this. The state pays the MDOC approximately $34,000 per inmate per year. If the state brought back the Good Time Law, let the inmates earn early release time for good behavior, no tickets, and took the classes they are required to take, the state would be saving a lot of money. Money they could be using for education expenses and road/highway expenses. Inmates that are on a lifetime registry most likely are on a lifetime tether as well. With this tether they have to pay the state about $150 a month plus all costs for any repairs to the tether. The tether the state is making them wear. If they have to have a tether on (which is monitored by the state) why should they also have to be on the sex offender registry for life? Let these inmates out that have good behavior, no prior criminal history, and low recidivism rates on early release. If they offend again, then send them back to prison for their current sentence plus the rest of the prior sentence. I can tell you why they don’t. It IS all about the money for the MDOC. Prisons are overcrowded and they under staff the prison guards. Now is that safe for the inmates or the guards? Not when the guards are having to work double shifts and can’t barely keep their eyes open. Hmmm. the state should think about these things!

  51. Marie says:

    For those of you who are “guilty” and you know who you are, all this whining about your life being ruined over a fee and a registry, why don’t you try being a victim of rape and molestation. Do you think our life is a bed of roses. We suffer every day because of the sick men/women who abused us. Our innocence was taken. I feel like I was murdered as a child because my childhood was taken from me. So feel lucky that you only had minimal jail time, a small yearly fee and have to register. If it was up to me CSC should be charged just as harshly as a murder! Victims fight every day of their life to get over the betrayal and abuse they suffered at the hands of a sex offender. So please stop whining about your horrible life and think of your victims for once. If I made the laws I’d invoke the death penalty for those guilty of CSC. There is no cure for those who prey on children. Those of you who are really guilty will reoffend it’s only a matter of time and if the best our courts can do to monitor this is a registry then that is what needs to be and should be done.

  52. Thinker says:

    To the previous commenter who says “sex offenders” should get the death penalty: I know several people who were sexually abused as children and I strongly disagree with you. Sexual abuse is not murder, in many cases it isn’t even rape, and most cases are minor and should be dealt with outside the criminal justice system. Most children who experience sexual things are not harmed in any major way by it, and even those who are can still live a good life if they refuse to be a victim. The people who encourage children to think of themselves as victims, and those who see such children as “damaged goods” are in fact most responsible for the harm experienced by the kids later in life.

    Finally, “sex offender” does not mean “child rapist”, and many on the offender list haven’t done anything wrong.

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  55. Jay says:

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